Newenche offers services of advisory and development of multidisciplinary projects such as:

Conceptual Engineering
: Analysis of alternatives and technical feasibility, economic assessment, study of legal and environmental requirements, among others.

Basic Engineering: Development of studies, designs, technical specifications, calculation reports, and blueprints, among others, reflecting the requirements of the client adjusted to the regulations in force.

Detail Engineering
: Studies, technical specifications, calculation reports and final designs are developed, which allow a complete view of the materials, tools, supplies and equipment necessary for the development and construction of each project.

Fields of Action:

  • LV, MV and HV transmission power lines (up to 500 kV)
  • LV, MV and HV electric substations
  • Electric projects of the mining and industrial sectors
  • Studies of Capacity Electric Systems: Calculation of capacity flows, short-circuit, voltage regulation, coordination of protections, earth grid design, among others.
  • Structural civil design for electric lines and substations.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for the purchase of equipment and materials.Structural civil design for electric lines and substations.

  • Specific Works:

  • Preparation of technical studies
  • Preparation of technical specifications of equipment and supplies
  • Development of calculation reports
  • List of materials and investment budgets
  • Preparation of soil mechanics and topography studies
  • Studies of soil resistivity and design of earth grids
  • Assessment and study of atmospheric and electric protections
  • Calculation of insulation and electric distances, among others.

  • Study and Management of Easements

    Newenche provides the necessary services for the processing and management of easements and electric concessions, generating for that the records of the sites affected by the project layout, the study of titles and individual blueprints of the affected sites, valuation and the necessary processes for the execution of the corresponding easement agreements, as well as the general blueprints of works, processes and management to allow the registration of the corresponding concessions with the SEC (Superintendencia de Electricidad y Combustibles – Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels) or other regulation organisms as applicable.

    Upon request of the client, Newenche will carry out the study and path definition, placing special attention to environmental aspects as to minimize the environmental impact and reduce the potential for delays in the development of projects.

    Training, Advisory and Consultancy:

  • Newenche has developed advisory and consultancy projects in the energy field, both at a domestic and international level, which gives it the necessary experience and tools to solve the issues and concerns of our clients, according to the laid out objectives.
  • Training and education of operation and maintenance personnel according to academic activities and scheduled internships.
  • Non-conventional renewable energies and energy efficiency, among others.

  • Purchase Management, Construction and Administration:

  • Supplies purchase follow-up and management
  • Technical and economic tabs of supply alternatives
  • Requisition of equipment and materials
  • Preparation of technical specifications of works for construction and assembly
  • Preparation of administrative and technical specifications
  • Terms of Reference, among others.
  • Tender documents, among others.